CS:GO Winter 2016

This is the Winter tournament for eSports.je powered by Sure.

Tournament entry is free, however we request a deposit of £15 per team which will be refunded upon tournament elimination.

This will be split into 2 stages, stage 1 will be an online held double elimination knock out competition using best of 3, followed by stage 2 involving 2 Semi Finals and a Final using a best of 5 format.

This has a possible prize pool of £600. Should 10 teams enter, the prize for first place will be £500, with £100 for second place.

For Stage 1 of the CS:GO competition, the online qualifiers will be played in a best of 3 format. Maps will be selected using csgomapveto.com in best of 3 using Ban/Pick/Random. The team that will be first-picking in the first match of each series will be decided randomly, a knife round will decide which side teams start on for each map.

For Stage 2, teams will be seeded. Teams from the Summer 2016 final will be seeded in opposite Semi Finals. They will be joined by the top two teams from Stage 1. The undefeated team from Stage 1 will play the Runner Up from the Summer 2016 final, the team who has lost once during Stage 1 will face the winner from the Summer 2016 final.

Map selection will be based on Active Duty.

Introduction and Purpose

These are the Rules (“Rules”) for the CS:GO tournament at eSports.je, they apply to all of the teams playing in eSports.je Winter 2016, as well as anyone listed as part of their team. eSports.je Winter 2016 will be divided into two stages:

Stage 1: Online Double Elimination Knock Out Tournament

Stage 2: Semi Final A and B held at the eSports.je hub, Final held at the Digital Jersey hub

During Stage 1, full teams must be put forwarded (of at least 5 players) and then teams will be placed into a tournament bracket. The tournament will be double elimination, the final 2 teams (the teams that have failed to lose more than once) will gain entry to Stage 2.

During Stage 2, the two finalists from eSports.je CS:GO Summer 2016 and the qualifying teams from Stage 1 will comprise the 4 teams selected to compete for the title of Champion. This will be done in a best of 5 format.


1. Team Member Eligibility

To be eligible to compete in eSports.je Winter 2016, each player must satisfy all of the following conditions:

1.1 Player Age

No player shall be considered eligible to participate before his or her 16th birthday, defined as having lived 16 full years, unless parent consent is granted prior to competing

1.2 Regional Residency Requirement

1.2.1 Resident Defined. For purposes of this Rule 1.2, a player is deemed to be a "Resident" of Jersey if such player has legally resided and been primarily present in such region for no less than twenty-four months out of the thirty-six months immediately prior to such players' participation in the first game of the applicable tournament 

1.2.2 Substitutes: All teams will be allowed to use a substitute so long as they are an eligible player (see section 1) and haven't competed for another team during Stage 1 or 2 and the eSports.je team are notified in writing before the start of the next scheduled match.


2. Payments to Teams and Players; Prizes

2.1 Event Prizes

During Stage 2 teams shall have the opportunity to earn prize money based on their level of performance in those events. This amount will be paid in full to the team manager, distribution of funds inside the team will not be deemed a responsibility for eSports.je. Please ensure that your team has a written agreement prior to taking place to avoid any issues later in the tournament

2.2.1 Place Prizes

The prize pool for winning Stage 2 will scale depending on the total amount of teams that have entered. Should 5 or less teams compete in both Stages, the prize for winning Stage 2 will be £300. This will increase by £40 for each additional team that plays in Stage 1 up to £500.

The team finishing in Second place in Stage 2 will be awarded £100.

2.3 Tournament Deposit

Each team will be required to pay a £15 deposit, this will be done to help eliminate fake teams filling up the tournament bracket. The £15 deposit will be refunded in full to the team as they are eliminated, unless the team fails to play their game or forfeits prior to the game taking place.

3. Team Ownership and Roster Rules

3.1 Team Ownership Restriction

No Team Owner or Team Manager or Affiliate of an Owner may own or control, directly or indirectly, or have a direct (e.g., ownership) or indirect (e.g., a contractual arrangement) financial interest, or be an employee or contractor of, more than one CS:GO team. Any buyback provision, right of first purchase, or similar interest in a team shall be treated as a controlling interest in such team for the purposes of enforcing ownership restrictions.

3.1.1 Sale of Sponsorship and Related Issues

Any Team Manager may only sell or manage sponsorship or brand elements for the team with which he or she is affiliated.

No person or entity may hold the naming right to more than one team at a time. A sponsor that holds naming rights to a team may not sponsor other teams in the league in any capacity.

3.2 Roster Requirements

Each team is required to maintain, at all times during Stages 1 and 2, one Team Manager (“TM”) and a minimum of five players (this may include the TM), and between two and five substitute players. A Team Manager is unable to be changed during Stages 1 or 2. The collective team will be displayed on eSports.je. 

3.3 Team Manager

Each team will be required to have a designated Team Manager. The team manager will be listed on eSports.je. The team manager can also be a starting player or substitute player on the team. The manager can only represent one organisation. The manager will be required to be on-site for every game that the team participates in during Stage 2. If the Team Manager is unable to make a game due to an emergency, the TM must assign an interim coach to be on-site instead.

3.4 Roster Submission

At a time designated by eSports.je team members before the start of each match, each team must submit their starting team, including five starters and a maximum of two reserves.

The Submission must also include all personal information requested about the Team and Team Members by eSports.je team. This shall include the Team Members’ In-Game Names (along with desired spelling and capitalisation thereof), as well as the formal spelling of the Team name.

3.5 Substitutions

Requests to modify a starting lineup for the team's games on a regular season week may not be submitted any later than 24 hours prior to the start of that match. Changes to the starting lineup within Stage 2 are not allowed.

In the event of an emergency, a team will be given up to two hours to find an immediate substitute for a game. If a replacement cannot be found then the team will forfeit. eSports.je officials will determine if an event qualifies as an emergency.

3.6.1 Team Names, Team Tags, and Player Names

Player Names may include upper-case letters, lower-case letters, numbers 0-9, underscores, or single spaces between words only. Player Names must not exceed 12 characters including spaces. No additional special characters will be allowed for team names, or tags. Player Names and Team Names may not contain: vulgarities or obscenities; or other similar character names; or derivatives of products or services that may create confusion.

3.6.2 All Team Tags, Team Names, and Player Names must be approved by eSports.je officials in advance of use in play. Name changes are not allowed except under certain extenuating circumstances, but must be approved by eSports.je officials prior to use in a game. eSports.je officials have the ability to deny a team names/images if they do not reflect the professional standards sought by eSports.je and the team will be required to change their names/images.

3.7 Sponsorship

An eSports.je team has the ability to acquire sponsors. Sponsorship acquisition is unrestricted. If the sponsor falls under the ensuing limited categories then the sponsorship may not be displayed by the players during the use or play of CS:GO, adjacent to CS:GO related material, or any eSports.je events. eSports.je officials have the ability to update the category list at any time. The following is a nonexclusive list of limited sponsors:

3.7.1 Gambling Websites: defined as any website that aids or abets the wagering of funds on a sporting/esporting event and/or allows for the wagering of funds in casino games including poker.

3.7.2 Non-“over-the-counter” drugs

3.7.3 Account sharing/skin selling websites

3.7.4 Firearms, handguns, or ammunition providers

3.7.5 Websites displaying or related to pornographic imagery or products

3.7.6 Products or services from direct competitors

3.7.7 Tobacco products

3.7.8 Teleco Providers 

4. Player Equipment

4.1 eSports.je Provided Equipment

eSports.je officials will provide equipment in the following categories to eSports.je players for Stage 2 matches:

4.1.1 PC & Monitor

4.1.2 Headsets and Microphones

4.1.3 Table and Chair

At the request of players, eSports.je officials will provide the following categories of equipment for use in Stage 2 eSports.je matches:

4.1.4 PC Keyboards

4.1.5 PC Mice

4.1.6 Mousepads

All eSports.je provided equipment shall be chosen, selected and determined at the sole discretion of eSports.je.

4.2 Player-Owned or Team-Owned Equipment

Players are allowed to provide equipment in the following categories, which are owned by themselves or their teams, into the match area and use such equipment during official eSports.je matches:

4.2.1 PC Keyboards

4.2.2 PC Mice and cord holders

4.2.3 PC Mousepads

In the match area, players may not bring, use, or wear any headsets and/or microphones, other than those provided by eSports.je. 

All player-owned or team-owned equipment must be submitted to eSports.je officials in advance for approval. Approved equipment will remain onsite with eSports.je officials and will only be accessible before and during the match. Unapproved equipment or equipment that is suspected by eSports.je officials of providing an unfair competitive advantage will not be permitted for use, and players will be required to use eSports.je provided equipment instead.

At their discretion, eSports.je officials may disallow the use of any individual piece of equipment for reasons relating to tournament security, safety or operational efficiency or effectiveness.

4.3 Replacement of Equipment

If equipment or technical problems are suspected by eSports.je officials at any time, a player or eSports.je official may request a technical review of the situation. An eSports.je technician will diagnose and troubleshoot problems, as needed. Technicians may request that eSports.je officials order replacement of any equipment, at their discretion. Decisions regarding the replacement of any equipment are solely at the discretion of eSports.je. If a player wishes to use personal replacement equipment, the player must use equipment which has been preapproved by eSports.je officials otherwise they will be provided replacement equipment by the eSports.je officials.

4.4 Computer Programs & Usage

Players are prohibited from installing their own programs and must use only the programs provided by eSports.je. This includes the warm-up area computers. 

4.5.1 Voice Chat. Voice chat will be provided only via the native system used in eSports.je provided headsets. Use of third-party voice chat software (e.g., Skype) is not permitted. eSports.je officials may monitor a team's audio at the discretion of eSports.je.

4.5.2 Non-Essential Equipment. It is prohibited to connect non-essential equipment, such as cell phones, flash drives or MP3 players, to eSports.je computers, for any reason.

4.6 Audio Controls

Headphones must be placed directly on a player’s ears, and must remain there for the duration of the game. Players are not permitted to obstruct the placement of headphones by any method or place any item, including hats, scarves or other articles of clothing, between the headphones and the player's ears.

4.7 Equipment Tampering

Players may not touch or handle another players’s owned or provided equipment after a match has started. Players who require assistance with their equipment should ask assistance from an eSports.je official.


5. Venue, Competition Area Layout, and Schedule

5.1.1 Team Managers. Managers may be in the match area during the match prep process, but must leave prior to the pick/ban phase and may not return until after the end of the match (unless listed as a team player).

5.1.2 Wireless Devices. During Stage 2, wireless devices, including mobile phones and tablets, must be powered off while the players are involved in active play, including during pick/ban phase, pauses, remakes, and between games of multi-game matches. eSports.je officials will collect such devices from players in the match area and return them after the end of the match.

5.2 Schedule

5.2.1 Stage 1 Date Schedules

Stage 1 will be split over the following dates

Round 1 - October 3rd - October 9th
Round 2 - October 10th - October 16th
Round 3 - October 17th - October 23rd
Round 4 - October 24th - October 30th
Round 5 - October 31st - November 6th

5.2.2 Stage 1 Timing and Organisation

The two team captains will be placed in contact with each other to agree a time during the rounds week to play their best of 3 game. Should the teams be unable to agree on a time, the default time of Sunday at 4PM will be set, should a team fail to be able to play during that time as well as being unable to agree at a prior time, the team will be eliminated from the competition and fail to receive a deposit refund.

5.3 Stage 2 Date Schedule and Location

Semi Final A - November 06th - eSports.je Hub
Semi Final B - November 13th - eSports.je Hub
Final - November 20th - Digital Jersey Hub

Competition Management

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