Whether your a hardcore gamer, or just the occasional player. We ask that you support us by taking a membership.

All our membership fees go towards the general costs of running of the center, as well as putting something aside to upgrade and renew our machines when they get old, that way we are always going to be giving you the very best machines to play & compete on, as well as licenses for all the games that you might want to play during any of your visits to us.

Having a center like ours means that we can provide a safe & regulated environment for you to play in, and enables us to host a wide array of regular Tournaments, Practice Sessions and game specific meet & greet sessions. 

We are dedicated to keeping costs as low as possible, and providing membership packages that suit all our users needs, so whilst we are getting the center back open & running we have opted to keep things simple and offer just a single PAYG package, at least until we understand more about how you the players, want to use our center.

Basic Package

Our basic package is exactly that… its basic.

Costing just £10/month (with a £15 registration fee)

Membership gives you access to the center, with 2 free sessions per month & additional sessions at just £5

free sessions can be used towards tournament entry.

Reduced rates for tournament entries (Saving £2.50 on each tournament)

Once you are a member, you can bring a friend along for a free introductory session. If they sign up for a membership then you will both get a voucher for an additional free session. (T&C’s apply ask for more details)




Visitors are very welcome to come and use our center, whether your here for a holiday, visiting friends or new to the island, if you just want to turn up and play the our visitors rate is £7.50/session.